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April 13, 2009


Minister Yeo,

It must be a very humiliating experience for the Thais, esp. the PM.

It must also be very humbling for the other leaders, including the Singapore leaders, to for once feel the 'heat'- what's it is like - when control is in the other guy's hand, like when you have scores of policemen confronting a COUPLE of 'protesting' Singaporeans outside the CPF Board's premises, or being 'ring-fenced' in a comedic fashion by policewomen to prevent ONE opposition lady from proceeding? In both the Thai and Singapore situations, it was mob rule, no more no less, whatever the colour of the uniforms.

Indeed this incident has dealt a strong blow to Thailand. Thankfully all the leaders are safe.

As to your remarks on "control", I guess in the Singapore case, there are now legitimate areas to demonstrate freely. I like to look at this "opening up" as something positive.

I like the 3rd photo. It is very "tourist" yet reinforcing the surreality of the situation. Even the demonstrations at the G20 Summit in London are like that too. If the G20 protesters wanted to storm into the Summit Venue, they would have protested near ExCeL Centre instead of protesting in London's financial district.

Now I wonder why the Thai people would put up so much trouble to actually storm the East Asia Summit venue instead of just protesting outside. What actually irk them so much that they have to do it. Perhaps nobody in the East Asia Summit actually sympathise with the protesters' desperation and anger. Being a leader is not just about having followers for support, but also that the leader is expected to protect his followers too.

Thanks for sharing your experience Minister. We are living in troubled times. It is very unfortunate but life goes on. I am glad all delegates left safely. I can empathise with the Thai PM. It's a case of damn it if you do, damn it if you don't...

I am traveling to Bangkok this Friday to connect my flight to Bhutan on 18th. Hope Bangkok airport is not disrupted.


When news broke out, I am very worried for our PM and Ministers. Now, I am glad that they are back and safe. May God Bless you.

haha most exciting conference you've ever been to?

The silence from the social-political blogosphere on the safety of our delegate to the Pattaya Summit speaks volume on the growing disconnect between the People and the Government.

Btw this is the Vietnamese translation of this blog entry.

Good experience for our fellow Singaporean to learn.Never take things for granted.Be alert when we were oversea.Appreciate the peaceful life we have in Singapore.

Dear Minister George Yeo,

Though the leaders attending the summit are safe and sound, I believe it is something regrettable that the 'red shirts' protestors were able to penetrate right into the summit venue and caused the whole summit to be aborted!

The Thais might have done the best it could, but it could have done better, for example, shifting the event venue to another location. It is really, sorry to say, a shame that the ASEAN summit has to be aborted with many countries keenly watching whether the preliminary protests in Thailand would disrupt the summit and indeed the summit fell!

At least all the ministers and VIPs attending the summmit are safe. It is exceedingly imperative, expedient and urgent for the Thai PM to solve this crisis.

Dear Minister George Yeo,

Greetings from Indonesia!

My suggestion would be to host the Summit in Singapore or Indonesia.

Indonesia had just has its legislation election on the 7 April with about more than 40 parties involved and yet there are are no chaos!

Our country is progressing now , not only in its economy but also in national security. Thanks to our beloved president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his team.

Anyway, Glad to hear that all the VIPs attending the summit are safe.

Dear Minister George Yoe,

godbless you and my presiden SBY

Dear Minister George Yeo,

Godbless You and My Presiden SBY.

Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics...... nice job keep it up !!

Just letting you know that without this blog I wouldn't have any knowledge about this. I just hope that everything is fine and all is well.

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