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October 13, 2008


I guess its fashionable to get all excited about China's dynamism and progress in recent times, and as Asians, we are quick to tug along.

But, sometimes I wonder if this so-called China superpower is overrated or not? Is the economic prowess truly there or is CHina simply benefiting from its size and lower cost base? You mentioned spacewalk - great accomplishment notwithstanding, China is playing catch-up to US and Russia. And, I am struggling to think of any major technological inventions or innovations in recent times that have come organically from within China. On that front, China arguably lags behind Japan and Germany.

I am not an expert in these fields, but these are some observations from my end. While China (and Asia) as a whole is catching up, I'm not sure exactly if it is able to "overtake" the rest of the world, as it were. I also do not think that CHina is matured enough as a political body to play the kind of global policing role that USA now does. Not for a long time yet, at least, I reckon.


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