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October 13, 2008


While many are reeling from the impacts of a global crisis, and are concerned with the wide social consequences such as the intensification of poverty that may befall on people 'Beyond Sg', in our neighboring countries for example, here you are crapping about damn phones. You are full of shit. And you probably don't know it.

thanks! i am in that decision making space, and this was a very useful read!

oh, just saw the comment from 3 blind mice. lighten up lah! the subject of this blog is "iphone vs blackberry". There are indeed many deeper concerns in the world and if you are so sincere about the "intensification of poverty" don't waste time surfing blogs irrelevant to your cause.

Rubbish review, almost everything that they claim is lacking in the iPhone can be found in third party applications. The iPhone is also super tough, it can withstand falls onto concrete and the screen is much more scratch resistant than the Curve. All in all I found this comparison to be pointless because the curve is not even in the same legue as the iPhone, for that comparison you would have to use a Storm or Bold and the iphone still beats those two. GPS/Wifi/unlimited software and Hardware additions along with a superior touch screen interface all equal a better phone.

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