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October 06, 2008


Everything made in America must be good like their Liberty Ball. And America did leave lasting legacies:

The American Air Force Chief during the Viet-Nam war certainly wasn't joking when he said that he was gonna 'bomb them back to the Stone Age'.

Or 'liberate' Iraq.

And allow the Israeli government to keep screwing the Palestinians.

Plus they've got great track records in racism, subjugating the 'natives' at home & elsewhere like the Philippines and prop murderous Latin American puppet-states.

Serangoon Gardens residents are upset about MND's decision to go ahead with the workers dorm. Mrs Lim Hwee Hua has given her full effort to placate the groundswell of anger. However the Joe Six Packs and Hockey Mothers have not warmed up to her because she does not wink and shoot moose. They want their Mac to come back from the Hanoi Philly Hilton. Many in the estate have wondered where Minister Yeo stood and what he intended to do after the news came out. This would be a good time to report back for duty in Singapore and attend to their concerns. The bells will be tolling for the PAP at the next general election if the issue is not properly addressed.

Plus the economic sentiments seem like a disaster. And Chua Beng Huat's oxymoronic comment on 'stable employment' The middle-class, Serangoon Garden types are gonna be hit - with drastic political consequences for the PAP.

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