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October 11, 2008


I think that the point about the painful lack of global leadership is very true indeed. While the global economy has been very comfortable with the "leadership" of the USA for the last couple of decades, the recent havoc spilling out of the world's largest economy has shown everyone how nothing lasts forever.

At times like this, there is really very little what Singapore can do, be it as a country, a government or as a key driver in ASEAN. I only pray that the common Singaporeans will be able to withstand the fallout of this crisis and last long enough waiting for it to end. As a nation, let us all hang on tight and rough this out together!

What about looking after our maids & foreign workers who would probably be sent back by their employers? Families and children who survive hand-to-mouth on these remittances for their day-to-day living and education expenses will be most severely impacted.

And I cannot understand how some people can go on and on about their freaking mobile phones.

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