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October 08, 2008


Agreed wholeheartedly with you, Mr Harold.

The world today has entered into a virtual realm, constitued of a myriad mind-boggling online social networking media: facebook, blogs, You-tube and the like.

These newfangled devices are shaping all aspects of life from politics,education, businesses to even culture.

Leaders in all aspects of the society are trying to embrace technology, to learn to use and apply these new devices so as to be able to connect to the masses of people, especially youths who are lapping up these new modes of life completely.

It is an amazing thought that technology really grows at an astronomical rate. My personal experience in blogging exemplifies this fact. When I started to take to blogging, I was overloaded with so much information and techniques to blog (not the content, I mean learning the fundamentals and the ever-growing new features). The IT challenges to people who are not IT-savy are immense, I must say, unless they have really that committment to learn these new modes of communications.

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