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June 04, 2008


Goodness of heart, decency, forgiveness, non-manipulation of electorate, inclusiveness, responsibility, speaking well of opponents. No can do. Not feasible in real life. Manifest these virtues in public life. Be prepared to be chewed up and spat out.
If these traits define Obama's candidacy, it demonstrates that Hillary Clinton was right about his lack of experience. Not only that, Obama is a rabble rousing slick exponent of the empty soundbyte, the embodiment of NATO = No Action Talk Only. After all the oratory and rhetoric, Obama has not brought down the price of oil, conclusively exposing himself to be a charlatan and fraud.
Effective leadership experience and ability require the following: iron will, fixing of opponents who do not adhere to the American way of life, suing their pants and skirts off, freezing and confiscating the assets of their spouses and children should they flee American soil for safe haven elsewhere, indefinite detention in Guantanamo Bay preferably with restricted issuance of toilet rolls to prevent escape to Havana, creative-destructive propaganda, pork barrel buying of supporters, gerrymandering, knuckle dusters, Karl Rove, sharp hatchets, assured promises of broken heads and broken bones to agitators. These are the necessary conditions for good governance to thrive that ensure the American people continue to live in security and prosperity.

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