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January 09, 2007


if everyone thinks that way, the property market will eventually collapse ( not that it hasnt hurting a great many in the process ), resulting in high social economic ramifications blah blah blah and with thousands already burnt to charcoal, investors/PRs should also wise up and stay away from our property market since it is a stupid idea like you said hmm...i think we all should revert back to cheap kampung housing or move up north where cheap properties can still be had?

My 3 cents worth>

Do your financial planning carefully. Never be too overly optimistic that tomorrow will be even more rosier(wishful thinking).

Never take a risk beyond what you can bear.

Lastly, a quote I heard:

"Many people buy things they don't need,
To impress the people they don't know,
With the money they don't have."

Are you the one of the many people?

Very well said. People are so caught up with this showbiz that they are willing to spend in thousands and even lacs just to make sure that others will take notice of them even if they are not important to them.

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