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January 09, 2007


I have only recently discovered the BeyondSG blog, and wondered where I've been the past few months.

It is an interesting and intellectually stimulating read.

And your blog on this diamond "scam" it. Next Christmas, I shall go into Tiffany's and ask to buy just the box, then put in some el cheapo look-alike item...let's see if the wifey can tell the difference.



Dear Edwin,
Thanks for your nice comments. Your scam will work but make sure she does not find out. Spending a few nights on the sofa is no fun :-)
Incidentally, Beyond SG will be mentioned at the BlogTV programme on Tuesday (tonight) at 8.30pm. They will interview THE OTHER blogger on Beyond SG, Minister George Yeo.

Harold Fock

As a Singaporean gemologist based in Bangkok, I'm thrilled that you've blogged about (what I like to call) the "Great Diamond Conspiracy". I agree that what De Beers has done is BRILLIANT. Perception is EVERYTHING.

By virtue of being Singaporean, my employers assume I am punctual, hardworking and of course, that I can and will do the job well. All in all, quite accurate *grin*!

I like to think that unlike Diamonds, we ARE precious and rare. It isn't a scam or conspiracy. We are like fine Red Spinel - rarer than fine Ruby and lovelier - but not so well-known in the market, underpriced and overshadowed by other more famous gems. We are halfway there already. We just need an extra push!

PS - Faking it is one of the most undervalued competencies in the world!


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