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January 20, 2007


Sir, We talk about Globalisation in India growing at a rapid speed, development is seen everywhere, BUT I see India as a Tree and feel that we are only nourishing the leaves portion and are not actually more concerned about the grass level and the roots portion, which is the base of a tree. It means around 70% of the Indian Population lives in the rural areas and I see BDA (Bangalore Development Association), Jaipur Vikar Pradhikaran but why not Rampur Development Association or any other village development society. And I want to question our government that when they will starting focusing more on villages because more and more developmant of cities will result into a high amount of migration from rural to the urban areas. So for our Government how long is long and how short is short?

indian government doesnt do much, only 10% to 40%, reaches to actually needy in all of our government related works.its still only by our young student sheer guts and there ocenic perspiration,that despite of so much damn problems, they are making there way to the world class.jus as saying ONLY PARANOID WILL SURVIVE

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