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October 17, 2006


Hi Minister,
Iraq is in a state of civil war. The US and its closest allies are stuck in a quagmire that even their most optimistic advisors cannot now deny.

The fact that as scores of Iraqis and foreignors die daily without anyone else in the world batting an eyelid, shows that the situation is now beyond hope and that Rumsfeld does not have a clue how to turn the situation around. We just have to wait for the next US Presidential elections to come around and whoever wins (the side is unimportant), the new president will then do the thing that needs to be done and pull the plug out and withdraw.
Tragically, what was predicted would happen ( of course with 20/20 hindsight) has happened and US has opened a can of worms, lighted a power keg ( or any analogy you like)and the MidEast is unstable, unpredicatable and we don't know who is who and one whose side.
Welcome to reality, everyone.
Sorry I don't have answers ( neither has anyone),

Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan

what repercussions specifically? care to explain? kindly refrain from making cryptic statement without qualification.

Sadly, I think that Iran will build a nuclear weapon, regardless of how the global response to North Korea goes.

We could easily see nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, with very unpredictable consequences. :(

What nuclear proliferation in the Middle East if Iran builds those weapons? Israel already has those nuclear weapons. If there is any proliferation at all, it has already started.

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