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October 06, 2006


The historic connectivity is there. One indian trader once explained to me that some form of cross pollination of ideas must have taken place in the field of medical science. If you superimpose the chinese accupuncture points onto the indian pressure points (vaguely recalled as chraka points?), they almost coincide. Perhaps, need to google this to find out if this obervation is true.

At some point, writers and journalists will use the phrase " Asian Renaissance" everywhere and AR need not be accounts recievables, every cfo's nightmare haha.

To modify-quote the late Dr Carl Sagan, " we live in exciting times. If you are born too early, you lack the tools, resources and opportunities to explore the past, present and future. If you are born too late, all the questions will be answered and everything will be "as it is" and become facts. You will read them in the textbooks. It is only now, in this period of peace, discovery, commerce and connections, that the real excitement begins. We are indeed fortunate to be alive in this epoch."

Hi! I would very very much wanna apply for positions in this new consulate office in Chengdu!!!

Kindly please assist by telling me what channels can I explore!!! Thanks!

Please email me...

We often forget that the Buddhas want us to follow
the correct path,study Dharma and never pray or idlize them.

Thank you for you site.

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