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September 04, 2006


That's probably true, we try to be good in everything, and end up been nothing. I guess it is our society that give the impression that we could be successful if we are all-rounded. I see lot of ppl been successful in business, and they are all-rounded. As you have indicated, breath is different from substance. Unfortunately, these businessman's success is misleading. In business, you need contact, network, and also lucky to have talented and obedient workers, but in technologist, you can't fake it. Technologist need substance and depth not surface packaging and breath of knowledge so wide they don't know how to apply it.

Singaporeans need to be focus and disciplined, not mislead by "trend and industry" of the day. They should go where their dream tell them not what gov tell them.

Hi Claris,
Cant agree more. There is a stark difference between a businessman and a technologist. With the current trend of showcasing the ENTREPRENEURS, we forget that every company has one or two founders/entrepreneurs and the rest are technologists/sales/production workers/accountants/admin and most of the time, the real heroes are the line staff and they are hardly celebrated. The bosses are at the golf courses fantasizing about being Tiger Woods and singing in KTV thinking they are some God of Songs among the hotesses. Yuck!

So it is time to celebrate the specialists, grunts and the foot soldiers while the entrepreneurs step aside and shut up! Er... that includes me :-)

Harold Fock

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