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September 04, 2006


cool Harold! on the road in the US...had some down time to visit your blog...

really liked your article and thoughts about the China and India being the R&D centre...this is just my two cents worth...US has phenomenal R&D capabilities because of two things: a. Access to capital (yahoo etc would not have been created outside of US - personal opinion); and b. Foreign students who go on to PhD degrees because they want to live in US coz they want a better life...think 67% of PhD students are non-US...likely Indians or Chinese....yes i m generalizing...

so if you are not a US company, how do you innovate and become R&D centre without access to the 2 conditions above?

you become OEM and migrate up the curve eg samsung, hyundai, dopod etc etc...

couldn't agree more with your conclusion...

in d meantime, take care my fren...

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